Beauty in sexual arousal and…



As I start typing, many things come to mind. Is this a subject I should liberally write about? What kind of image of myself will I bring to you, my reader.

It’s personal, definitely… yes, but it’s a beautiful subject that us Woman and Men should freely embrace. And embrace correctly. No hypocritical opinions, immature perspectives or negative remarks. We are naturally sexual and seductive, and dedicating time to our pleasures creates a unique bond with ourselves and with our partner.

In benefit of the market, The Porn Industry, would love for us to continue evolving our sexuality around pornography. Such a shallow and superficial market. The “perfect” scenario, sure, it is amazing to imagine… but then what?

True sexual fulfillment goes waaaay…. beyond visual encounter.

Let me start out by stating the emotional pleasure it brings when sexuality is met with that particular person. Want it or not, sexual action will bring a deeper connection beyond ejaculation. Love, lust, emotional attachment, desire for more… It’s inevitable when there is an intense sexual link. The invigorating touch of skin to skin.

There is definitely no comparison to a shared sexual connection with a partner, when done passionately. And I think the more we explore ourselves and pursue intimate time with our own sexuality, the more of a genuine connection “that time” with our partner will bring.

Communicating about our desires and pleasures shouldn’t be doubted, ever. If the time and effort is being put in, speak up!

Self love is something many of us seem to set aside and consider as unimportant. When in reality, by doing so, we are building boundaries to our self discovery. Eradicating our profound potential to a true orgasmic party under our garments.

Once we give ourselves this opportunity and time, making such deep connection with our breasts, pussy and her insides. We can teach our partner to fully appreciate our orgasmic experience and want nothing less every time we thrust together.

The powerful link between our nipples and our pussy, I think is one that’s been neglected in many loving relationships. However… when known about and practiced, it can enlighten our energy beyond sexual pleasure.

I’m going to be even a bit more detailed…

A sensual and consistent suck on a nipple, can cause such an extraordinary sensation that runs down from our breast’s, to our naval, and eventually sending shock waves to our pussy.


quite a topic to write about.

When it comes to foreplay, the lack of it will make an exaggerating difference in love making. Investing time in kissing, licking, nibbling, touching, grabbing, smelling, caressing… plays a huge roll in how wet and pleasurable the sex will be.

Many women think they are incapable of naturally lubricating, I think it’s probable that some of them are just not getting aroused enough before penetration. Try foreplay, and get into it.

And knowing what’s in most lubricants, Organic Cold-pressed Coconut oil does wonder’s. I won’t get too caught up talking about that. But, when you’re all alone and are ready for some self-love…or with that thrusting partner,

bring out the Coconut oil baby!

I will stop here for now about sexual pleasure and self-discovery. Hopefully leaving much to think about and much to do.


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