Balance, and let it flow

Writing about the fluid motion, through balance.

Mmmm, balance.

Sexuality should really be balanced in the pie of life in the perfect amount, not too much and not too little. But genuine and enriching.

Life is beautiful, fulfilling, emotional and at times, too much or too little of something. Could create an unsteady flow.

The journey we choose can take many different turns, some unfamiliar ones and others we might be accustomed to. Maybe, just maybe… it’s crucial for us to feel uncomfortable in order to grow.  When an unhappy, unsatisfied, stagnant chapter is recognized, a steady flow it shall be if pursued.”

Cenote Xunaan Ha, Cancun, Mexico.


A hermit crab will live in it’s shell until it begins to feel uncomfortable, growth is the reason behind it’s discomfort. Living in a shell that no longer suits it’s needs.

If you think about it, most people have been in the same routine for a very long time. In their “comfort zone.” Possibly happy, or not. Stepping out of that comfort zone can be as simple as seeing life in a different perspective. As intelligent beings, we are capable and usually hungry for growth, to our continued evolution as a human being. Could be personal growth, intellectual growth, emotional intelligence growth.

How to love yourself to love someone else.

Here I am, sitting and typing, still learning how to have a healthy balance myself. And let me tell you, it isn’t as smooth as I’d want it to be. But it’s a life long process that should evolve as your needs change. Perfection is unrealistic, but a good healthy balance is possible without over or under doing it.

Good habits go a long way.”

It’s a path to take… step by step, step by step, step by step.

Exercising is a very significant part of a balanced lifestyle. Getting your heart to pump hard, good blood flow, muscles getting toned and sweating out yucky inevitable toxins. It’s satisfying in many aspects, part of that self-love. Also get’s that good energy flowing all-together.

As many of us already have a “routine” of some sort, that we go by in our daily lives. Implementing good habits is priority.

There is always room for improvement as well.


Having a daily eating routine, including BREAKFAST, which I know many neglect for different reasons, can create a harmonious body from the inside out.

It can lead to weight loss, better health, diminished headaches, less fatigue, a better gut and overall happiness. Yay!”

All from balancing when, and what you eat.

As individuals, we each have a different approach to a balanced lifestyle, because well… we all live our own reality.

Figuring out what works best can create a happier and healthier environment, including for those who are in your surroundings.

As long as we keep in mind that balance should be the foundation, everything else will flow. And take it at your own pace, what works for others might not work for you. What makes you happy might not make someone else happy. Practice using writing as a starting point to visually manifest your objective. Find out where your balance is and let it flow progressively and consistently.

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