Travel Nicaragua, was the title, until it became another country caught up in battling government injustice.

Masaya Volcano
Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua.  (The tour time that begins almost at sunset is the best.)

The wonders of filling your senses with the unknown surroundings away from home, away from your typical stimulation. And do these typical surroundings continue to stimulate your senses?

Typical Gallo Pinto (rice and beans) with veggies and fried plantains.

Plan on visiting a never seen city, a never seen country, a never seen continent. Be in a place where the native language is one that you don’t understand.

Travelers we met on the Ometepe Island.

A view of the world from a different perspective, tasting the riches of other cultures, engaging and communicating in ways that don’t include a spoken language. These experiences make new connections in the brain that broaden life’s perception around you.

Breakfast with a view on the Islet “El Espino.”

You say you work a full time job and have no time?

Not enough money for a trip?

There might be many prospective reasons as to why you don’t have any booked adventures/ getaways.

You could travel for a few days, maybe a week, even months.

Still toilet sitting while look on your phone at others travel?

“There is an open world waiting to captivate you.”

About a couple of months ago, I got back from a week long trip to the country of Nicaragua.

Budget traveling!

Before taking this trip, I’d been hearing “opinions” about it’s safety, lack of clean water and dangers for tourists’. I researched for weeks about this country and read blogs that described the amazing experience travelers had during their visit to Nicaragua.

Leon, Nicaragua.

If you haven’t yet taken a trip to southern/central America, you are missing out, big time!

Beyond it’s remarkable and rich beauty, it is cost efficient. In this case, $500 us dollars ( ‎C$15,500 cordobas) comfortably sustained my week of travel.  Including the air fare.

The round trip plane ticket cost me $200 US dollars flying out of Tijuana, Mexico. One of the many perks about living in a border town such as San Diego, California, is having the convenience and beauty of Mexico a short drive away. There is a bridge available that takes you from the U.S side directly across into the Tijuana Airport without actually driving into Tijuana. $20 dls to cross in, $20 dls to cross back when you fly back. We used this method on the initial flight out, but on the way back, we decided to get some delicious Mexican tacos and then walked across the border.

A few friends and I decided to plan our trip and not worry too much about booking our nightly rooms in advance. Only a couple of nights were booked in for a 7 day trip.

The currency used in Nicaragua are Córdobas.

$1 US dollar equals to C$31 Cordoba’s.

The equivalence is unfortunate for local residents of Nicaragua. Which is why the monetary impact we tourist have for the Nicaraguan residents is major. Which leads to my next point. Because of this, many locals try and get more money from tourist by charging way above their normal rates.

With my second native language being Spanish, I saved us quite a lot of money. But if you are planning a trip to Nicaragua or any other country with a foreign language, it’s OKAY! Do your research and figure out the correct rates for taxi’s, buses, etc. I’d personally write down or learn the most common words for basic communication, price, time, taxi, food, water… You could use your phone and download a translation app. I’d skip that route, just so that you aren’t ever a “target.” Anywhere in the world, even the USA can be dangerous. If it’s avoidable, do so. I could be wrong but you will almost, always find someone who speaks your native language. Weather it’s a traveler or a local.

Here is a web page with a few of The most used translation apps.

We started our trip in the capital city if Managua and had for lunch in a mercado. It was C$120 cordobas for two of us and a 25 minute taxi drive. I don’t recommend exchanging all of your money at the airport. It was C$21 per dollar. While everywhere else, we found it at C$31 per dollar. At the airport, they tried charging us way too much for a taxi drive to el Mercado. But then we found Jose, who charged us C$60/person.

Jose gave us his cell phone number for future taxi services. And we did call him a few hours later to take us to our first booked room in Granada. This place was booked online at  for one night.

$100 dollars per/night. Divided by 3 people, it was a steal for luxury!

For the rest of our travel, we stayed at hostels. Where we met many other travelers. We were surprised to learn about how many women backpack solo. Venturing from Mexico and traveling to other countries heading south.

I think, anywhere you travel in the world, in every city, you’ll find unwanted trouble if you stray from common sense decisions.

Many countries around the world are inexpensive, safe, and waiting to be traveled by you. Budget travel. Days, weeks, months.

**Currently in Nicaragua, many protesters are standing up for their rights and have kept Nicaragua a bit aggressive. Not for foreigners, it’s against the government. This started a few days before we departed, the end of April.**

Hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures of Nicaragua.

Kayaking through the Nicaragua Lake and it’s Islets.
Masaya Volcano after sunset.
Natural Waterhole from Volcano on the island of Ometepe. C$154
A beautiful friend, Kevin.
Ferry ride towards Ometepe Island.
Lava rocks from last eruption in 2008. Masaya Volcano.

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