“Let’s talk about love, baby”

“Provoking, invigorating, benign yet, catastrophic.” 


… to have and to hold, for better or for worse.

Sometimes in this love path,  we can lose our sense of independence, maybe become attached, possibly think we depend, expect. Motivation coming from our significant other? Shouldn’t it already be within ourselves, and flourish without dependence?

Sometimes, not having a solid ground for our self even can play a role as to why.

Find, admire and love thyself abundantly.

The path is tempting and beautiful, individualism can be lost quickly. Cherish it. ❤️


Love should flow liberally.


“Attachment says, I love you, therefore, I want you to make me happy. And genuine love says, I love you, therefore I want you to be happy. If that includes me, great, if it doesn’t include me, I just want your happiness.”

– Tenzin Palmo Jetsunma

A beautiful, short video about Genuine Love.  

Watch it by clicking here or above.

Loving someone shouldn’t lead me to always wanting to grasp tightly right? Unless that’s what I want. But do they want that? A right amount of affection I don’t think defines the amount of love. It could be as gentle as the wind on a summer day or as aggressive as hurricane storm.  Appreciation in one another, respecting ideals, communication, admiring, enjoying with balance.

It’s indulging, it’s addicting, and it’s all natural!” 

The amount of dopamine production has us lovers crossing continents for just a short moment of affection. Morphing our lifestyle to be next to that special person, sharing long hours of unwearied connection.

The correct Balance is essential for an effortless flow.”

Including balance in loving ourself with the time we attend to our individual activities. Along with the love we give our lover/partner, their individual time and time as a couple.


Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Everything we live is an opportunity to grow, to experience another part of this life. Weather it’s happiness, sadness, anger, insecurity, love…

Perspective makes the difference.

I’ve been recommended to write down thoughts, experiences and anything that might be of importance. As it creates efficiency in plans, desires and general lifestyle.

Plant the seed and water it

Boundaries, dun dun dun…

All experiences have their own flow.

Here is a very simple example of an unnecessary boundary.

You dated a Canadian, and the experience was… unpleasant. But based on such experience, you’ve decided to no longer date Canadians in general.”

Starting fresh with zero expectations is a nice perspective to take, no comparing, only flowing.

Genuine Communication

Could lead into that desired epiphany.

Speak your mind and your heart will follow. I think and hope…

“When someone reflects to me what I am doing beautifully, I am more inspired to fully step into that beauty. Even if it’s just a small light at a time. That light will grow.”


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