Lemon Ginger Fresh

This zesty refreshing mix will keep your immune system in defense mode. Simple to make and inordinately healthy for you.


2 quarts of water

6 lemons

1 Ginger root

Honey (raw)

Bring water to boil, preferably in a stainless steel or cast- iron pot, to avoid contaminants from non- stick surface ingredients.

Add a pinch of salt. (A small pinch of salt.)

Himalayan salt is a better choice than sea salt. As to sea salt could possibly contain traces of plastic.”

Cut lemons in half, de-seed, then slice halves twice, evenly, or how ever you’d like. 🙂

Slice or cut ginger.

Put lemons and ginger in water. Leave on low-medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes, then strain.

Let cool down, store away in fridge in individual containers, a pitcher or, etc…

Add raw local honey after it has cooled down, otherwise, the hot water will kill it’s good properties.

Happy drinking! 😀

Use local, organic ingredients when possible.

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